Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Row versus Wade (or sink versus swim)

The irony is how the Dems have destroyed their party over abortion. The US has the least successful left wing political party in the developed world. Every other developed country for example has national health insurance and more support for unions. Paradoxically I think it was Roe versus Wade that caused this. The Dems make a big thing of protecting this ruling and makes it easy for the right to portray them as baby killers. This lets the right get their agenda through. But the paradox is that no other developed country in the world bans abortion. All these other countries collectively have the same ethnic makeup as the US. So why do people want abortion in these other countries and vote against it in the US? The answer is abortion is a choice people vote for in other countries. The right can't make it a campaign issue because they know people won't vote for them if they do. If Roe versus Wade didn't exist then all the states would have abortion today anyway. So if Roe versus Wade goes the status quo will end up the same but the Republicans won't be able to use it as an issue any more. This decision was the best thing to ever happen to the Republican Party. The only way to neutralise this issue is for the Dems to stop supporting it, and agree with the Republicans it is bad law. This calls their bluff. They want to stack the Supreme Court with ideologues, but not enough to overturn Roe. If the Dems support overturning it then they can portray themselves as victims of this ruling like the Republicans do. That will allow many religious voters to vote Dem again which would result in a landslide for the left. Whether Roe is overturned or not is irrelevant, because abortion will be legal like everywhere else. So the Dems are wrecking their party to support an irrelevant law, nothing more.