Saturday, November 19, 2005

Slimy tactics

"Why do Democrats get a free pass? Why isn’t anyone else entitled to their opinion? Murtha is obviously pressing the Democrats’ attack on President Bush. His past heroism doesn’t make him right when he engages in partisan politics. Are you so naïve as to think he wasn’t picked to deliver the surrender message because of his past military history? Passing on another marine’s opinion is just as relevant as his and just as fair. Liberals like you won’t be happy until President Bush is impeached. You can’t win an election legally, so you resort to slimy tactics in an effort to win. If it takes losing the war and wasting all those who gave their lives in the cause of freedom, it is worth it for you. What do you care? You live a privilege life made possible by our military’s sacrifice. And you show your appreciation by stabbing us in the back."

This email from Andrew Sullivan's blog makes some great points. The Dems lost the election but still won't sit down, shut up and let the Republicans exercise their authority from the voters. Any slimy tactics like excessive filibustering, closing the Senate are just trying to govern after having lost the election.

The Dems need to let the Republicans run everything they were elected to do, because it is a given they will screw everything up anyway. Then the Dems can point to this as what happens when right wing extremists are elected. If the Republican don't screw one or two things up then so much the better.

They are right about Murtha, obviously he was selected for this job. But all soldiers are selected for their job. If the anti war case needs to be made, who better than a veteran?

The fact is Bush and Cheney are just flakes. They knew how to start the war but they never knew how to finish it. Since they didn't know they believed Chalabi and planned on making him the new dictator. Now they have no idea what is going on. No one knows whether the new government is a puppet government that will fall like the Vietnamese one when the troops withdraw. Everyone knows it will likely end up a religious state like Iran, which no one would have started a war to accomplish. Therefore the result is a screw up and the war was a waste of money. The intended result (dictatorship under Chalabi) was poorly thought out and hence also a waste of money.

The only reason for a war like this is to get the oil somehow, and they couldn't even manage that. The US should have squeezed Saddam for oil contracts, left him in power, lifted the sanctions, and had permanent weapons inspectors in the country.