Thursday, November 24, 2005


The first rule of politics is don't campaign on repulsive things. A majority of people might favor abortion but usually don't vote with killing babies as a high priority. The Dems associating themselves so strongly with this issue alienates many religious people who would never vote Democratic because of it and then have to vote Republican or abstain. Overturning Roe versus Wade neutralises the issue and most women could still get an abortion anyway.

If most women can still get abortions then that is all the Dems should have to do for that base. No politicial party works for rights for all its members, just a substantial proportion of them. So the Dems don't aim for universal health insurance, universal fredom from hunger, universal freedom from spousal abuse, universal freedom from persecution, etc.

Yet the Dems support these things in large part, and the sad truth is this hard line on all abortion all the time prevents the Dems from achieving their other objectives. The Republicans can point to abortion as a reason why religious people should vote for no health insurance, tax cuts for the rich, reduced welfare, etc.

But the Republican also break the DCORT rule (Don't Campaign On Repulsive Things). Cheney advocates concentration camps and torture as a campaign issue and wonders why people don't like him. Now Bush is standing up for White Phosphorous burning the flesh off people without explaining why old fashioned bullets (which are not as repulsive) can't be used.

The Dems are afraid to reduce the deficit because they have to campaign on the repulsive issue of raising taxes.